Reader Interactions


  1. Ramshaa Rose says

    Masha’Allah sister, I loved reading this post! I’m soo sorry and saddened by the abuse you have had to face because of wearing the hijab. It really touched me when you said that you choose to wear the hijab which makes you a ‘visible Muslim women’ even though the risks are high! May Allah (SWT) make the journey easier for you and grant you patience. Really enjoyed reading this post hun.
    Lots of love,
    Ramshaa Rose

  2. Maheen Nusrat says

    so sorry you had to go through this kind of brash and overt racism-I have been lucky enough to not experience drinks thrown at me–but i have been referred to as a terrorist—we gotta keep on being us-don’t we?

  3. nadia says

    I’m sorry you had to face such abuse post 9/11. Nobody deserves to be treated that way. But your resolve and determination is admirable, masha’Allah. You are right – as hijabi women we are visible Muslims which means we always have the chance to make dawah (even with a simple smile or a kind gesture to make a good impression). May Allah keep you safe from harm and reward you immensely. Ameen

    PS: Thank you for being so supportive of Asateer Scarves! <3

  4. Fozia S says

    Oh subhanAllah so sorry you experienced that after 9/11

    I only started wearing hijab a few years ago but some of my friends were attacked for wearing hijab. Alhamdulillah you were strong and kept it on.