Why I Don’t Buy Drugstore Beauty Products Any More

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Personally, I think people fall into three camps.

Those who are die-hard Drugstore Fanatics and love a bargain. They’ll do anything to avoid full price for the latest makeup or skincare sensation.

The ones who can afford the higher end brands and refuse to buy drugstore at all.

The ones who like to mix and match drugstore and high end.

Guess which camp I fall under?

How Being Cruelty Free Can Save You Money

Is Drugstore Makeup and Skincare Any Good?

In my teenage years and 20s, Drugstore was all I could afford and growing up in the 90s and early 2000s, my go-to brands were Rimmell and Collection 2000 for makeup.

And if I was feeling fancy and had saved up my pocket money, I would stretch to skincare from The Body Shop.

Fast forward to now, and my attitude toward beauty and skincare has changed completely.

Whilst I still love Drugstore brands, with the majority of them not being cruelty-free, I’m less inclined to impulsively buy makeup from Superdrug or Boots.

And when I do buy, they have to be on the Cruelty Free list.

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Why I buy organic

In terms of Beauty, I have now switched over to exclusively organic, natural skincare brands that have been recommended to me through Bloggers and Instagrammers.

My 20-year-old self would be cringing at the thought and it’s a major shift in my own thinking, but I also trust these recommendations more as I’ve embraced the digital world.

I wouldn’t say my skin is now perfect, but since I turned 30, I realised:

A) I can’t eat the same amount of crap as I used to and it not affect my skin.

B) My skin has changed than when I was in my 20s. Either that or I’m more aware and willing to do more about it now.

There are some AMAZING brands in the high street that are budget-friendly and deliver no-frills products.

My go-to sources to find those kinds of items are either British Beauty Blogger or Hayley Hall who are both respected figures in the beauty industries.

Why Don’t I Use Budget Brands?

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll notice I don’t use a lot of budget brands, but nor do I lot of high-end well-known brands either.

The reason for this is that as a Blogger, I choose to spend my time, money and platform promoting and using from small, lesser known majority of female-owned businesses.

After all, if we don’t support our own community, we can’t expect anyone else to.

A lot of these items are not cheap, but I’m also not buying them every month.

You’ll regularly see me updating my stories and documenting how long I’ve used a product, and am able to tell you exact dates because every time I purchase a product, I use my Sortly app to take a picture, note down the date I start using it and the date it will expire.

The app also reminds me of expiry dates, especially for my groceries causing some kind of manic cleaning energy when I do get round to looking at it!

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This way I can keep track of all the products I buy myself and those that companies send me to try out to give you an accurate representation for usage.

Do I Hate Dupes?

I love a good dupe or budget product more than anyone but at this stage of my life I’ve moved on from having every single palette ever that’s a dupe to a more expensive product to curating my skincare and makeup collection to a few choice products that suit my skin, budget and lifestyle.

That doesn’t mean I don’t have 3 full drawers full of products still hanging about, but I’m working to finish those before I buy anything new.

My new rule with all my things including clothes, shoes, handbags and even food is to ensure if I have 1 or more of something then I will not purchase another until I get rid of it, it expires, it finishes or I sell it.

What can I say, I’m a recovering hoarder and aspiring minimalist!

I have a lot of products hanging around simply because I used to be a Makeup Artist but I chose to stop after my Stroke in 2016 and focus on recovery.

Whilst I’m a lot better now Alhamdulillah I’m not able to cope with the demands of being an MUA and I sold my kit or donated it so no longer have the tools to make anyone up even though I still get old clients messaging me.

After really learning about makeup in my training and getting into skincare, I’ve changed my attitude towards having a lot of things to having enough for me.

I don’t NEED the latest dupes all the time and I don’t buy them anymore not out of snobbery but just because I really don’t wear much makeup now and am choosing to spend money on high-quality skincare.

Does that mean I still don’t cave every now and then and regret it immediately? Sure!

I’m human after all, but I will either not open the product and return it or go home and try and make it work if I have opened it.

What About People on a Budget?

At the end of the day, everyone has a budget and I firmly believe you should not step outside of the budget.

Saying that some people’s priorities are holidays, doing up their home, giving their children experiences, or whatever else is their main priority and that’s fine.

The issue from people comes when they try and shame people from how they choose to spend their money if it doesn’t align with their life choices right now.

My friend Nishi did a really great post on how she can afford to travel so much and why she and her husband choose to do so.

A lot of people do try and make me feel bad for spending so much on beauty and skincare but at the end of the day as long as I save money for the things that are a priority for me, and budget for the things I want, then it’s really no one’s business where I choose to spend my hard earned money.

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Everyone has different priorities and instead of shaming people for their choices in life, we should celebrate them or leave them alone.

What Can I Do to Afford High-End Products?

Put simply, save up!

I know it’s not sexy or fun, but simply saving up for what you want forces you to do 2 things.

It stops you from frittering money on dupes that may or may not live up to the hype, and every time you do spend on a dupe rather than something you actually want, it stops you from saving money towards the thing you actually want.

Second, write down what you want to buy on a notepad, note down the price and save it in a notebook or on your phone somewhere.

What this does is gives you the “high” of shopping without spending any money. I write down any potential purchases in my phone’s note app and then leave it.

I guarantee you in a few days time you’ll forget why you wanted the product in the first place, and the money remains in your bank account!

Thirdly, start finding ways to make extra money. Sell stuff on eBay, Facebook, Depop, Gumtree etc. Everyone has unwanted items sitting somewhere they no longer use or have forgotten about.

Also, you can earn money by taking pictures of your receipts and answering survey questions from the comfort of your own home.

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These are slow burners, but they do add up over time.

And when you do make the choice to buy, make sure you use a Cashback site to get money back towards your purchase!

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I hope this article gave you an insight into my life and beauty choices right now, and will help you to start thinking about how to start spending and saving differently.

What money saving tip do you love when it comes to Beauty? Share with me in the comments below!


Why I Don't Buy Drugstore Beauty Products Any More - I choose not to buy Drugstore Makeup and Beauty now and here's why I do this.

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  1. January 12, 2019 / 7:42 pm

    Thank you so sharing this! Besides a few items, none of my makeup products are cruelty-free, unfortunately. Your post has inspired me, and I’ll strive to make the right beauty choices In Shaa’Allah <3

    • Humaira
      January 13, 2019 / 10:55 am

      Hey, we all have to start somewhere. Rather than chucking things out, start slow and just start replacing with cruelty free as things finish because that’s what I’ve been doing over the last 2 years since I went cruelty free and it is hard because the choice is much less but it will be worth it at the end In Shaa Allah!

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