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  1. Britpakgirl says

    What a great post! If only more people realised this! Our lives have become a rat race on every aspect, whether it’s our job, our children, how we look, how many followers we get, everyone wants to make sure they are best at it. Definitely in the ‘good enough’ camp. Life is too short to keep constantly trying to be perfect!

    • Humaira says

      And Mashallah your life is so full and joyous I gather you have no time for perfection as you’re too busy living it! Alhamdulillah!

  2. Fozia S says

    Oh my gosh this: Your parents try and out achieve and boast about their little darling, constantly comparing you to someone else

    So true….used to hate my parents doing that and comparing me to others!

    The only thing I would say though is that sometimes parents are just proud and like to share their kids achievements but then they end up being accused of boasting.

    • Humaira says

      Haha Fozia, I’ve got no problems with parents being proud of their kids but there’s a special gene in Asian parents called Compare this person to you and Contrast this person to you and this is why you’re not good enough.

      Not every child is academic or good at everything and it can make kids feel they are less than and cause a lot of mental health issues. I think parents now are more careful but parents in our home countries just continue that same race like behaviour that’s, unfortunately, causing a lot of trauma as a lot of kids are sadly suffering and even when they speak up are treated badly.

      It’s a vicious cycle, and only we as a generation can start to break it by talking about it and changing our own behaviours.