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Thanks to Sal of Umm Baby, I was made aware of a challenge running throughout January called the Asian Beauty New Years Stash Challenge.



Originally started in the Asian Beauty community aka Korean Beauty, the point of the challenge was to share your beauty stash with other people following the challenge and rediscover old products in your stash and discover new ones through the participants.

The challenge was hosted by Janessa of Mind Your Beauty and Amy of Peeping Pomerian with the hashtag being #abnewyearstashchallenge which you can also follow here and see what the other participants shared.

A lot of people may think it’s a bit like showing off but I like to think of it as a public purging and it helped me to see what I have in my stash and what I need to use up.

Cleansing Tools for Day 3 AB NEW YEARS STASH CHALLENGE
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What is included in the challenge?

The challenge runs from 1st January to – 31st January with a new prompt every single day. You can find the prompt on either of the hosts Instagram page and it really helped to figure out what to post each day.

From Beauty, Bodycare to Makeup the prompts helped all the participants to share their stash explain why that particular item was in their collection and would they recommend it.

Lots of people including myself had to confront their hoarding tendencies when working through the challenge and due to time constraints I didn’t do the challenge every single day.

Plus in the middle of Winter here in the UK, light is really difficult and only available for a few hours each day so I ended up bulk shooting a lot of the time but some days the light was so bad, I’d have to reshoot.

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What did I learn?

I learned about a lot of products I’d actually forgotten about and had just because I am a bit of a hoarder, but I’m working on cutting down my hoarding tendencies.

Also I was watching Hannah Louise Poston’s No Buy Year videos and they’ve definetly inspired me to spend less on beauty and use what I have.

It can be so easy to be influenced to buy everything beauty bloggers recommend and believe me I’ve been on that road as well, but does all the stuff really make us happy?

I think not.

Shampoo and Conditioner for AB NEW YEARS STASH
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What will I do in the future?

After doing this challenge I got rid of or donated a lot of stuff, I’ve cut down my beauty spending and will be more mindful of my purchases going forward.

I definetly think we have a lot of stuff as a society and hoarding it and not using it is a waste of money and space, so I am working on buying mindfully now and only purchasing if I feel I really NEED it and if I don’t have anything else that will substitute instead.

I would love to do the challenge again next year In Shaa Allah (God Willing) and see if I have less stuff in each of the categories!

If you missed it, you can have a look at what products I shared on my Instagram page.

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What are your beauty spending goals?


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  1. February 5, 2019 / 3:01 pm

    Well done for sticking to the challenge!

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