The Millionaire Skinglow Range is a Perfect Addition for Millionaire Beauty Addicts

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The Millionaire Skinglow Range is a Perfect Addition for Millionaire Beauty Addicts

If Millionaire Beauty is new to you then you clearly don’t know my obsession with these products then I want you to stop everything and read these posts first.

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OK, now you’re up to date you’ll realise why I’m a HUGE fan of this brand having used them for over a year now.

I received these products in April to review, but I’m only posting my review up now after much testing.

I don’t buy into much hype and do a lot of research especially when I buy higher end products.

I don’t need to do that with Jas’s products.

Anything she comes out with, I’m like take my money!

OK, not all products.

I don’t have the entire range simply because Jas (the owner) is very honest with me. She always tells me if a product will suit my skin or not.

It’s not in her interests to sell me a product that will not work for me at all.

And that kind of honesty is priceless.

Millionaire Skin Glow Range

Millionaire Skin Glow Range

The Millionaire Skin Glow range is for every skin type and includes a Makeup Remover, Face Wash and Hand & Foot Lotion.

This is a bold move for Millionaire Beauty but it responds to the demands of its customers and their needs.

I’m still waiting for the magical weight loss cream, although I might be waiting a while haha!

Millionaire Skinglow Rice and Oat Milk Face Wash

Millionaire Skin Glow Rice and Oat Milk Face Wash

The Millionaire Skin Glow Rice and Oat Milk and Face Wash described as:

Our Millionaire Skinglow Rice and Oat Milk Face Wash’ is a gently, creamy and rich daily cleanser which has been developed to deeply cleanse, dissolve dirt and remove daily grime leaving the skin ultra-clean and glowing, without stripping the skin. The natural and organic ingredients work together to brighten the complexion, even skin tone, plump and firm the skin, and the creamy and milky formula moisturises the skin, leaving it super hydrated, soft and smooth.

Source: Millionaire Beauty

Now you may be thinking why should I pay £15 for a face wash?

I can get it for £1 down at Wilkos or a few pounds in Superdrug.

Very true, but when you pay for organic, natural ingredients sourced in the UK and made in small batches in a UK lab to preserve efficacy, then you will pay a premium price.

Most face washes on the market have quite harsh silicones and clog up the skin.

The whole point of a face wash is to get rid of the dead skin, makeup and pollution sitting on our face to leave it squeaky clean.

The Millionaire Skinglow Rice and Oat Milk Face Wash will not only cleanse your face it also:

  • Deeply cleanse the skin
  • Remove dirt
  • Remove daily grime
  • Melt away makeup
  • Resurface the skin
  • Brighten the skin
  • Hydrate the skin
  • Leave skin soft
  • Lifts and firms
  • Fights fatigue
  • Evens skin tone
  • Boosts tone

Usually, products have very small amounts of the concentrated ingredient they claim will brighten up your skin.

This hardworking product has Oat Milk and Rice Milk which are both amazing for brightening.

As well as Vitamin C, Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil and Grapefruit Oil all of which are incredibly hydrating for the skin.

Your skin will not feel tight at all after washing with this face wash.

And with the scrub in the face wash, it gently exfoliates to smooth and brighten your face on a daily basis.

I still have my old Wilko £1 face wash and trust me every time I use that product versus the Millionaire Skinglow Rice & Oat Milk Face Wash, I notice a huge difference in how my skin feels afterwards.

With the Wilko face wash it’s tight and doesn’t feel great whereas, with the Millionaire Skinglow Rice & Oat Milk Face Wash, I feel incredibly moisturised and ready to move on with my skin care routine.

Is it Worth It? Yes! If it is in your budget to buy this product, I would highly recommend it.

Millionaire Skinglow Makeup Remover

Millionaire Skin Glow Makeup Remover

The Millionaire Skinglow Makeup Remover is a cream based formula which melts off your makeup when applied to the skin and wiped off with cotton pads or a hot face flannel.

The product is described as:

Infused with natural and organic ingredients, our ‘Millionaire Skinglow Softening Makeup Remover’ works to gently remove dirt, daily grime and melts away and removes make-up (even stubborn mascara) on the skins surface without leaving the skin feeling irritated or red. Millionaire Skinglow Softening Makeup Remover’s creamy and milky texture leaves the skin super soft and glowing.

Source – Millionaire Beauty

I shared how I remove my makeup when I talked about the Naturyl Glow Daily Exfoliating Face Flannels earlier.

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The Millionaire Skinglow Makeup Remover is perfect for busy people on the go who hate the feeling of oils or makeup wipes to remove their makeup.

It works to:

  • Removes make-up (even the most stubborn make-up)
  • Removes daily grime
  • Remove dirt
  • Brighten the skin
  • Leave skin soft

As a former makeup artist, I cannot tell you how many times I had to cleanse clients face before starting to apply their makeup.

And if they didn’t have time to cleanse their face before makeup application I used to use a makeup wipe.

I shudder at this now and would have used this product as a quick cleanse to make sure no dirt or oil was on my clients face before makeup application.

You don’t need a lot of product, I always start with using small amounts and then work my way up.

I would say this is good for removing light makeup initially or cleansing the face in a pinch. If you have a full face on, you may need to a few rounds or use alongside an oil cleanser to get your makeup off thoroughly.

The Millionaire Skinglow Makeup Remover is perfect for travel too.

I take this with me when I travel up and down the country visiting family and is perfect to decant into a smaller container when travelling as well.

Unlike an oil, it won’t spill everywhere and I find it a great way to get my makeup off painlessly.

We all know how tiring/annoying it is to get that stubborn mascara off at the end of the night!

This product is safe enough to use to use around the eye area, but I would advise caution with any makeup product not to get it into your actual eyes.

Is it worth it? There are a lot of makeup removers on the market and I’ve tried a lot of high street ones, but the Millionaire Skinglow Makeup Remover has some great ingredients to brighten and hydrate your face so it doesn’t feel tight at all. Recommended!

Millionaire Skinglow Hand and Foot Lotion

Millionaire Skin Glow Hand and Foot Lotion

The Millionaire Skinglow Hand and Foot Lotion is a two in one product.

It’s described as:

Infused with pure apricot, olive and coconut oil, marigold extract, plum kernel oil, marshmallow extract and blackcurrant seed oil, our Millionaire Skin Glow Gentle Calming Skin Softening Hand and Foot Daily Lotion creamy formula sinks and absorbs into the skin without leaving a greasy residue. Our Skin Softening Hand and Foot Daily Lotion works to deeply moisturise, hydrate and soften rough skin on the hands and feet.

If you’re lazy like me, the thought of having 2 products for your hands and feet mean neither get moisturised.

I’ll be super honest, I haven’t used this as much as I should have but when I do use it, it sinks in really fast and makes my hands and feet feel super moisturised.

People fall into 2 camps in my opinion.

Those who are obsessed with keeping their hands and feet soft and those who are not.

Guess which camp I fall in?!

The Millionaire Skinglow Hand & Foot Lotion has all the same good for you ingredients as the other Skinglow products so I won’t harp on, and if you’re sensitive to strongly fragranced products, this has no smell.

It’s just a very nice, unscented product that does what it says on the tin.

Hands and feet are the first to show signs of ageing, so I feel like we should be looking after them more than we do, and I am trying to be better at it.

What I will say is that in comparison to other hand and feet products I still have, this sinks in super fast.

Yes, there’s no amazing smell but who actually smells their feet?! I mean unless you’re a foot person in which case whatever floats your boat!

It doesn’t leave you with that greasy feeling and only takes a short while to sink in and you’re good to go.

Is it worth it? I’ll be honest, spending £15  on a hand and foot lotion is a lot, and if I wasn’t sent this product for review, I’m not sure I would have bought it. If you’re super into your hands and feet being moisturised without that greasy feeling, this is a fab product that I would recommend.

Editors Note – Jas has informed me this product is no longer in production and no longer available – 20/11/2018

How Much Do They Cost?

Each product in the Millionaire Skinglow Range costs £15

I hope you enjoyed this review and know a little more about Millionaire Beauty products.

All products in this review were sent to me for consideration, and I was under no obligation to provide a review. My opinion and words are my own unless otherwise stated.

Would you try something from the Millionaire Skinglow range?


Millionaire Skinglow Beauty - Review of the Millionaire Skinglow range from Millionaire Beauty including Rice and Oat Milk Face Wash, Hand & Foot Cream and Makeup Remover

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