Simply Humaira 2018 Reader Survey Results!

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The Results are in!

I asked you all to complete a reader Survey at the start of the month and advertised it on my Newsletter, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and here and after much cajoiling and pleading, I finally got 15 responses!

Which is fab as I only wanted 10 as a baseline.

But those 15 responses have helped to figure out who you are and what you want from Simply Humaira.

And that it priceless.

Rather than regurgitate the questions and answers, I’ll be sharing the best bits in this post.

Image by Adeolu Eletu at Unsplash


You’re female, mostly between 31- 40 with some older and some younger in between.

You’re from the UK, with only 1 person answering they’re from Europe.

Imame of Social media channels from Nordwood Themes on Unsplash
Image from Nordwood Themes on Unsplash


You mostly came from Instagram and this is your favourite Social Media Platform.

But you also like Snapchat, Twitter and Youtube.

I don’t have a public Snapchat (I only use it to view friends Snapchats if I can remember).

But if you’re so inclined you can follow me on Twitter, and our food Account Pukka Halal has a Youtube Channel which I will revive at some point In Shaa Allah so you can follow us (me and Hubby’s food adventures there) if you wish.

What kind of Content do you like to Read or Watch?

You’re mostly into Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle and Travel.

You love a good Personal Story and to Save Money all of which I currently cover so that’s fab!

You’re not so into Books, Videos or Money Making which I find surprising but not really as we’ve all got short attention spans now.

One of you said you’d like Tidy Tips and Cooking, I’m like the worst when it comes to tidying but my husband has slowly been training me to be more tidy and of course we all know about the KonMari method if you’ve watched the TV show on Netflix or read her books about items sparking joy, so I would start there.


You have an average Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise Beauty routine, some of you do more, some of you do less.

3 of you actually have a 7 Step Korean Beauty inspired beauty routine, and I am just in awe of that but have no aspirations to join in haha!

Fashion Style

You like to mix and match clothes or wear things based on your mood, and one of you like me sometimes (not all the time) puts on things based on if they look clean.

Who doesn’t do this occasionally?

You mostly like to shop at Primark, H&M, Zara and ASOS.

Huda Beauty Mauve Obsessions

Beauty Style

You’re more likely to be shopping for Beauty in Boots or Superdrug, but a few of you like to shop at Cult Beauty, Space NK, individual brand websites like NARS or Urban Decay and TK Maxx and Selfridges, so a real eclectic mix.

Muslimah Bloggers

Do Bloggers read Blogs?

This is the chicken and egg question and it’s true!

60% of you were a Blogger, but 40% of you weren’t which isn’t surprising.

Your favourite blogs ranged from:

The Muslim Girl Bakes, Step Inside my Handbag, A bit of Pink, Nilly Dhalia, Miss Mulberry, Soph Hearts, Beth Sandland, Everyday power, Dina Tokio, The Inspired Accountant and Urdumom.

A few of you mentioned Phiasez who used to be a Blogger and is now an Instagrammer.

This is a topic that really causes debate amongst people on what is classed a Blog?

In the olden days, anyone who had a physical web page that they updated regularly (I used to handcode my blogs!) was considered a Blogger.

Now a Blog can be an Instagram page, a Youtube channel or a Facebook page, but I still don’t consider these real Blogs because if the algorithim changes or that platform is no longer in use, you have no way of keeping in touch with your followers.

So to me, someone with a regularly updated web page is a Blogger.

We had this debate when the Muslimah Bloggers awards were happening, and in the end, it was decided only those with a web page would be considered a Blogger for most categories except where it was specifically for Instagram or Youtube.

Harsh but fair because Blogging isn’t just writing something, taking a picture and sticking things on Instagram.

It’s knowledge of SEO, writing a well researched
article that can be shared and is something that can be searched for and can even make you an income with affiliate marketing which you can’t do on Instagram and isn’t allowed on Facebook.

If you want to make it a career or be considered a serious Blogger, I would even recommend getting a free WordPress or Blogger page and doing it that way, it will help you grow much faster and write down things that can be searched and help you find new readers.

What you said about Simply Humaira

What You Said About Simply Humaira

Simply Humaira was a relaunch, having previously been called Money Savvy Muslim and before that Humairak.

I relaunched to the new name in August and 50% of you have stuck with me through the name changes so thank you!

Related Post: Why I Keep Changing the Name of my Blog

Design Feedback

53% of you loved the design and 46% said it was OK, so if you have any specific feedback, please do leave a comment on what you think of the design, as I would love to learn!

Since the survey, I have made a lot of changes and hopefully the design is a lot faster to load and easier on the eyes.


41% of you came to the blog to look for new posts, the other half either checked the link on Instagram or Twitter and only 2 of you subscribed to emails.

If you want to subscribe to emails, you can do so for FREE here and I will only email you when I have a new post or announcement, I do not bombard anyone and you’re free to unsubscribe whenever you wish!

Multani Mithi and Aloe Vera

What Kind of Content You Like on Simply Humaira

80% of you love the Skincare Reviews and 73% said the Personal Posts which makes me so happy!

Making Money came in a close second, and then Makeup, Haircare and Travel.

Asateer Scarves – Interview and Review

What Kind of Content You DON’T Like on Simply Humaira

The least favourite was Hijab Reviews which is interesting because I am a Hijabi!

But I don’t do these posts very often, so you’re all OK haha!

Business in the Spotlight was not liked by a few of you but I’m unsure whether I will continue this or not, do let me know in the comments what you think.

What You Want to See More of on Simply Humaira

This was a free text option and the responses came were the following:

Vlogs/daily blogs – As I addressed on my Instagram Live when I read out the results, I’ve tried being a Vlogger and YouTuber but neither my husband or I are prepared to give up our privacy for this endeavour, and nor do I have to time to add video making to my list of things to do as a Blogger.

Hats off to the people who can and do do it, but Nazar (Evil Eye) is a real thing and I’ve experienced it enough via Instagram and this blog, i don’t want to add onto my already long list of ailments!

Cooking, cleaning tips, money saving – I already share as much as I can of these on Instagram stories, but cooking tips and tricks are now shared exclusively on Pukka Halal’s Instagram stories, so do follow us there if you wish to find out my lack of cooking skills haha!

Lots of Duas – Thank you so much for the lovely Duas and positivity, it really made my heart smile!

Have You Ever Done Something after Reading About it on Youtube?

The responses went from buying or researching a recommended product, buying cruelty free cleaning products to starting a YouTube channel!

Mashallah, one of my lovely readers started a YouTube channel and I’m honoured I’m an inspiration to her to start it, which you can find here.

What do you like Best and Worst about Simply Humaira?

All of you said I was real, genuine, authentic which is so very kind because that’s who I am in reality!

I try to be as helpful, kind and nice as possible and I’m so glad that’s come through so thank you!

Thankfully none of you had anything negative to say which is very kind!

How can I improve Simply Humaira?

The responses went from cutting down the length of my Instagram Stories and you skip them because they’re too long, I’m sorry about that but that is who I am!

I talk a lot and when I’m lonely, I talk to Instagram to all my friends which is why they’re so long because I consider you all my friends.

More Personal Content, less reviews – I’m working on this for sure! There are lots of interesting posts coming up. I did find I was stuck in a review rut, but I’m slowly getting my groove back Alhamdulillah.

More Posts – Alhamdulillah I’m now planning and hopefully by the time you read this post will have posted at least once a week and am planning to be a lot more consistent with my posting schedule.

If you have any thoughts on future post topics, do leave a comment below!

I hope you enjoyed this summary! I’m planning to do a survey again next year In Shaa Allah so if you missed out, sign up for e-mail updates so you never miss a post and of course feel free to email me or leave a comment with any suggestions!


I’m Humaira, a 30-something adopted Londoner.

Simply Humaira is a lifestyle blog chronicling my adventures in Beauty, Fashion, Travel and more.

A recovering hoarder and aspiring minimalist, I blog about Cruelty Free Beauty, Luxe Organic Skincare, Mental Health and more.

Find out more about me here.

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