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Here are my recommendations for things I've used and would totally recommend.

All of the products below are Affiliate Links which means I get a commision on the products should you wish to buy. You can find out more on this in my Disclaimer policy page.

Khazana by Saliha Mahmood Ahmed

Winner of Masterchef, Saliha Mahmood Ahmed has written a delicious Persian and Mughal inspired cookbook.

The recipes are so easy and I've cooked a few now and shared the process on my Instagram stories.

Highly recommend!

Khazana: A new Indo-Persian cookbook with recipes inspired by the Mughals by Saliha Mahmood Ahmed

Non Stick Oven Liner

This is a life saver for messy ovens and captures all the crumbs and spillages that end up on your oven floor!

Heavy Duty Teflon Non Stick Oven Liner 40cm x 50cm PERFECT FOR FAN ASSISTED OVENS

The Pink Stuff

This is so elusive since it's been sold out everywhere! If you can't find it in Poundstretchers, Savers or your local Desi Shop try these places.

Warrior Warehouse for £0.89 before VAT and £0.99 AFTER VAT. Delivery for one tub is £3.20

eBay- 3 tubs of The Pink Stuff for £6.99 including free delivery.

The Online Pound Store - £1.75

The Online Pound Store 2 for £3

The Pink Stuff


Sonic Scrubber Cleaning Brush

Affectionately known as Stewart the Sonic Scrubber Cleaning Brush, you can find cheaper versions at Aldi and Lidl but if you want the one Mrs Hinch recommends and the one I have, this is the one.

This helped get grease, grout and tough stains off my kitchen tiles.

Beware, don’t use on tough baked-on grease as it may not be able to handle it, instead try using a hard big brush and that will take it off in a jiffy.

Sonic Scrubber from eBay for £18.99 and FREE Postage!

Sonic Scrubber Cleaning Brush

Green Baskets

I LOVE these Green Baskets from Ebay! They're a great way to organise, not too deep and can fit into most drawers. They help organise most drawers from the kitchen to the bedroom.

Work Place Tray Baskets - Green - Large

Organza Bags

These are perfect for putting your Lenor Unstoppables into your wardrobes and drawers to get a nice smell into your clothes. These can be hung up on hangers or put into drawers.

Purple Organza Bags

IKEA Variera Drawer Mat

I had so many questions about the drawer liner I used on my Kitchen Cleaning Story and it's the VARIERA Drawer mat from IKEA!

VARIERA  Drawer mat

Scent Diffuser

This Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser is a great way to change up the smells in your home.

Affordable and portable, you can put in any essential oils or oud to make your space smell amazing!

We loved it so much we got 2, and it changes lights as well!


Minky is an amazing cleaning sponge that's two-sided. One side scrubs and the other soaks up excess liquid and allows you to have a great shine.


Sony A5000 Camera

I've used this camera since last year and it's great for those wanting to get serious about photography or videography.

Light and portable, it's easy to put in you bag and also won't cramp your hand when vlogging.

With settings for beginners and manual focus this is a great camera for those who want to step up from point and shoots, but aren't quite ready for DLSR's.

I take all my blog photos and videos on this camera.


We all know we should be using SPF, even those of us with darker skin tones.

Most SPFs on the market are expensive, smell funny and leave you feeling greasy.

The Altruist Dermatologist Sunscreen comes in SPF 30 and SPF 50.

And for the princely sum of £9 you get 2 huge tubes! That's a bargain!

I've been using these for 2 months and I've barely scratched the surface of my first tube.