Why I Use Naturyl Glow Daily Exfoliating Face Flannels To Take Off My Makeup

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Naturyl Glow Daily Exfoliating Face Flannels Review

You’ll never look at a face wipe ever again once you start using this product!

Quite a bold statement as we’ve all gotten so used to taking off our makeup reluctantly with face wipes.

I too was a slave to the system for a LONG time and then wondered why when I went to tone my face there was still a ton of makeup left on my face?

Don’t get me wrong, I still use and buy face wipes, just not for taking off my makeup.

Here’s why I think you should know about the Naturyl Glow Daily Exfoliating Face Flannels.

Naturyl Glow Daily Exfoliating Flannels

We’ve all used them in a pinch when we’re REALLY tired but actually using Face Wipes to cleanse your skin of makeup is not a good idea.

Firstly they don’t remove makeup properly and secondly, they can mess with the pH levels of your skin and cause all sorts of issues and problems.

If you’re finding your skin is having issues, maybe try ditching the face wipes for a few weeks and see if you notice a difference.

Hayley Hall an amazing Beauty Blogger has a whole article on why Skincare Wipes are bad for you and how they actually damage the environment.


I first met Naturyl Glow at the London Modest Fashion Week held at the Saatchi Gallery in 2017 when I was still blogging as Humairak.

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They only had a turmeric exfoliating face mask at the time, and Ayesha’s (the owner) sister pretty much convinced me to look more into the brand.

I was incredibly impressed with the small business and kept a relationship with Naturyl Glow and even did a video showing how to use the Face Mask.

OG readers will remember this one!


The Naturyl Glow Daily Exfoliating Face Flannel is a revolutionary product.

When they first sent me to test them, I didn’t get the product at all simply because there was nothing like it on the market. I couldn’t see a need for it.

It took seeing it on Maliha Khan Ihenacho’s video for me to understand the simplicity and beauty of this product. I ordered mine straight away!

You can use them just to cleanse your face without any product to get rid dead skin cells, oil and pollution to leave your skin squeaky clean without any products.

They’re 100% viscose so there are no harsh chemicals involved and they are biodegradable.

This is how I used them when we went on holiday to Rome as I didn’t want to carry too many liquids as we were Hand Luggage only.

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I just popped them into a clean sandwich bag and they fit into my toiletries bag quite compactly and are my favourite way to ensure my face is clean when travelling.

The second way to use them is to help take off your makeup.

You can use the Naturyl Glow Daily Exfoliating Face Flannels to take off your makeup without any product at all (I find this works best for light makeup).

Or you can use them in addition to a Makeup Remover such as The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil or Millionaire Skinlow Makeup Remover which is more cream based and really gentle on the skin.

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I find this the most effective way to remove makeup, sweat and dead skin on my face when I wear makeup or need a gentle exfoliation.


14 Daily Exfoliating Flannels cost £6 and would be perfect for travelling or going on holiday as they come flat packed.

28 Daily Exfoliating Flannels cost £10 and come in a tube and in my opinion, the better option as the price does not include shipping.

The price does not include delivery which is added until you spend £20 and then delivery is free.


I really like the Naturyl Glow Daily Exfoliating Flannels and I’ve regularly used them since February.

I guess it really depends how often you wish to use them and how much your budget is as well as whether or not you are into your skincare.

Totally understand that it’s easier to just use face wipes and toss them in the bin, but by taking that extra step with these disposable exfoliating face flannels you would be giving your skin a head start in the skincare game.

Trust me, as you get older skin care becomes VERY important and even taking a small step in the right direction of looking after your skin will pay dividends.

I’m on my second tube now of the 28 Daily Exfoliating Flannel pack and I am a huge fan of this product so I would wholeheartedly recommend them.

Do you use makeup wipes to cleanse your skin? If not, what alternatives do you use?


Why I Use Naturyl Glow Daily Exfoliating Face Flannels To Take Off My Makeup - I love using the Naturyl Glow Daily Exfoliating Face Flannels to take off my makeup instead of wipes. Find out why.

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