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  1. Britpakgirl says

    Hmmm not sure about this, it’s another thing to add to the ever growing blogger to-do list!
    The problem with switching to private even for a minute is that you lose all your engagement stats. That’s if you have a business account of course. I think you’d be surprised at how many businesses just look at numbers!

    • Humaira says

      I just noticed yesterday Instagram has changed settings with the new update, now you don’t even have to go on private to get rid of followers. And yes if you switch back from Business to Personal then, of course, you will lose the metrics, which is why I said you can only block on a business account.

      It’s very true some people just look at numbers, but a lot of people are starting to care about engagement more, especially smaller companies and some I know refuse to work with bigger bloggers simply because their engagement is not high enough despite their numbers.

      At the end of the day, I personally would much rather have a small, engaged group of friends versus a large group of acquaintances which is how I see my followers 🙂

  2. Fozia S says

    Re fake/bot there has been an odd occasion where I thought an account was spam but it wasn’t….they had no profile pic….no photos themselves…. but I didn’t remove them. But it turns out they were a genuine follower…they eventually messaged me about something even though they didn’t always like my pics. But yes you are right, usually the spam ones are clearly easy to spot and I think you have the right idea removing them. Most people are becoming wise to the fake accounts and the ones with over inflated likes

    • Humaira says

      Yes very true, if i feel like it’s a real person even with one post and not following thousands of followers, I give them the benefit of the doubt as I know people in RL who have an account just to keep up with friends. The same with me and Facebook, I have an account, just not my picture anymore haha!