How to save TIME and MONEY with Amazon Prime

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How to Save Time and Money with Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime has changed my life.

No really!

For the last 4 years, I have been taking advantage of Amazon Prime and it has SAVED me so much time and money in delivery costs it’s not even funny.

When you first look at the price for an Amazon Prime membership you kind of baulk at the £79 per year, but when you break down how many times you order from Amazon and delivery price for each item, it pays for itself in my opinion.

Save Time & Money with Amazon Prime
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Same Day or Next Day Delivery

So many times, I’ve ordered things from Amazon that can be delivered the same day or even the next day FOR FREE as part of Amazon Prime.

This has saved us so much time waiting around for things we need quickly.

One time, I ordered a phone case at 10 am and it arrived by 7 pm the SAME DAY.


Prime Video

I haven’t delved into this completely, but Amazon Prime Video has really stepped up their game with some amazing original series.

I’ve watched American Gods and am planning to watch The Bold Type and UnReal (I loved Season 1, you’ll never look at reality TV the same way again).

Sharing Amazon Prime Benefits

Oh yes! Did you know you can share with another adult who lives in the same house’s Amazon Prime?

So basically all the perks of Amazon Prime delivery with only one payment!

It’s super easy to set up too, instructions are here and it has saved me SO MUCH MONEY as I can share hubby’s Prime benefits.

He had no idea he even had it and now uses it as much as I do!


Initial Cost

The initial cost of Amazon Prime is £79 which is a lot of money BUT if you’re not using it enough you can cancel anytime.

No Media Sharing

A paying Amazon Prime member gets certain TV shows and videos included in their Prime membership account.

Anyone who’s part of their household is not allowed to, and you have to login into their account to get access to the included media.

You Have to Pay for Some Media

You do still have to pay for the majority of newer videos and TV shows on Amazon Prime which is so annoying.

I don’t use Amazon Prime Media as much as we also pay for Netflix and have enough series there to keep us going, and we pay for Cinema Paradiso to get DVDs delivered a few times a month since Lovefilm closed.

Unfortunately, it is an increased cost as no one service delivers everything, but since we don’t watch much TV anymore, we’ve downgraded our TV package as much as we can to get the benefits of the other streaming services.


My feelings are that if you’re 2 people in a household and you’re BOTH going to use Amazon a lot, it’s worth the cost of Prime.

If you both pay half towards it then the price is only £39.50 which is still expensive but I strongly argue it’s worth the price for the benefits you reap from having Amazon Prime.

Would you buy Amazon Prime?


How to save TIME and MONEY with Amazon Prime - Here's how to save time and money with an Amazon Prime membership and why you should do so.

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  1. April 4, 2018 / 3:45 pm

    I don’t get time to watch TV or movies, either. But I know of a couple who would benefit from this post. Let me share this with them. Also, I think it’s good that you can cancel anytime.

    • Humaira
      April 5, 2018 / 1:29 pm

      Thanks Nadia! I LOVE Amazon Prime and I think just the delivery aspect is enough for us (or rather my husband) to keep paying for!

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