How Being Cruelty Free Can Save You Money

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How Being Cruelty Free Can Save You Money

I recently took the decision to go cruelty free with my makeup buying, and it’s been harder than I thought.

So, I thought I would explore how going cruelty free can save you money.


Cruelty Free means that the products have NOT been manufactured OR tested on animals.

For years I was aware of the Cruelty-Free Movement but never took the plunge till last year.

I’ve been researching more and more into Halal Cosmetics and I’ve discovered that they use no animal products in the production, but since they’re not readily available yet, I decided to go cruelty free.

How Being Cruelty Free Can Save You Money


The advantages of being cruelty free are:

You Won’t Spend As Much

Since you’re restricted to cruelty free brands, you won’t overspend on brands because unfortunately, cruelty free brands are not as prevalent in the high street or in high end.

I’m hoping this movement will change, but for now having to research every company before I purchase has saved me a lot of money.

There are a TON of non-cruelty free brands, but not all of them available at all the same places so inevitably you save money by not supporting the ones that do test on animals.

It’s Good For Animals

I’m not a vegetarian, but I’m pretty much terrified of any animal that comes my way, but I do believe in not inflicting pain on our furry and non-furry friends.

No animal should be in pain for you to look a certain way.

It’s Good for the Environment

Being cruelty free means there are less harmful chemicals in the environment and that means fewer chemicals in your body. This article breaks down why cruelty free is excellent for the environment.

Cruelty Free Products are Vegetarian or Vegan-Friendly

A lot of cruelty free products are now vegan-friendly which is amazing!

Companies seem to be taking on board that vegan-friendly products allow them to open up to a new market that is not only health conscious but beauty conscious.

This article by The Vegan Punk has a great list of Vegan-friendly brands available in the UK to help get you started.

No Parabens and Nasty Chemicals

Since I’ve gone cruelty free, I’ve started with makeup and am slowly phasing into skincare, and my skin is looking better for it alhamdulillah.

Since non-cruelty free products have parabens and chemicals that can absorb into your bloodstream, this makes them dangerous and can cause a reaction in your body.

With cruelty free cosmetics, there are less likely to be parabens and chemicals that block your skin and therefore allow you to look and feel great.


There ARE some Disadvantages to going cruelty free that I think should be explored.

You are limited in what you can buy on the High Street

When you’re blissfully unaware of cruelty free products you can pop into any shop on the high street and buy products on sale.

When you become cruelty free, the choice shrinks down massively and it makes it tougher to just go buy a mascara or a lipstick as half the brands are not cruelty free so you may have to give up your favourite brands.

I’ll be honest, it did hurt a little when I found out my favourite teenage brand, Rimmel is not cruelty free but I’ve found that doing some research has meant I’ve found Essence available in Wilkinsons which is cruelty free and significantly cheaper!

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You  have to decide if the parent company matters

What a lot of people don’t know is that most skincare and makeup brands have a PARENT company, and that parent company may test on animals but the individual brand may not.

As an example, NARS’s parent company is Shishedo which does test on animals, but until 2017, NARS did not test on animals.

The tricky thing is when they put in the wording, “when required by law” which means when they want to sell in China which requires animal testing.

Since NARS chose to sell in China, and animal testing is required it now has become a non-cruelty free brand which hurts my heart because Sheer Glow is LIFE!

I’m still on the hunt for a dupe of NARS products but haven’t found any so far.

It can be more expensive

Going cruelty free can be more expensive because whilst there are some options on the high street, there are more options online and on higher end products.

The good news is brands like Makeup Revolution are not only affordable but cruelty free and Kat Von D is a vegan range so you have a lot of options when researching.

It can be exhausting when researching Cruelty Free Brands

I’ve found it particularly tiring to research every time I go shopping on what brands are and are not cruelty free which is why I’m working on a cruelty free series In Shaa Allah (God Willing) to help my fellow cruelty free enthusiasts out when we go shopping.


In conclusion, for me personally, the benefits outweigh the negatives for going cruelty free.

I’m not 100% cruelty free as yet, but I am working towards it by using up and not repurchasing my non-cruelty free products and trying to find dupes or even better products but it is SO HARD!

Would you go cruelty free?


How Being Cruelty Free Can Save You Money - Here's how being cruelty free can save you money in the long run. I go through the pros and cons of being cruelty free.

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