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Hidden Pearls Hijab Review

When the co-owner of Hidden Pearls, asked the sister in Muslimah Bloggers Facebook group to review some Hijabs, I jumped at the opportunity.

Life got in the way and despite wearing and loving the beautiful Hijabs I was gifted, I could not find time to post this review plus I’d taken a sabbatical from blogging for a while.


I persevered and even took some pictures when it started snowing, that’s how much I wanted to create a review for sister R.

Hidden Pearls Scarves


Who are Hidden Pearls?

Well, I’d never heard of them either till I was asked to review the Hijabs but I quickly found out they are online Hijab company based in the UK who sell:

  • Hijabs
  • Hijab Accessories
  • Purses
  • Shawls

A HUGE variety and all at affordable prices!

Hidden Pearls was born in 2015 due to the lack of quality hijabs on the market for an affordable price.

I can understand the frustration as I HATE Hijab buying in the shops as the quality is horrendous and end up buying things online which can be a bit hit and miss.

Given how I wear Hijab every time I go out, it’s important for me to find stylish good quality hijabs that last a long time because whilst I cherish my Asateer Scarves, they’re a lot more premium and I want to savour them as they’re limited edition ones.

With Hidden Pearls, the prices are more affordable, the quality is good and you can get an amazing variety of scarves.

What I LOVE is the offers in that if you buy 4 scarves, you get 1 item free and if you buy 6 you get 2 items free.


Who doesn’t love a free gift!


The Hijabs I was gifted for review were the Pearl and Lace Hijab in beige and the Silk Plain hijab in Gold.

Both Hijabs came really quickly and delivery is only £1.99 which is SO CHEAP!

Silk Plain Hijab

Hidden Pearls Silk plain Hijab in Gold
Hidden Pearls Silk Plain Hijab in Gold

The Hidden Pearls Silk Plain Hijab in Gold is silky smooth and quite slippery! I was really impressed with the price of £11.99 for such a luxe-looking scarf.

The scarf comes in a variety of colours, but I wanted one that would match most event clothes.

I like the fact that’s light and airy, so would be perfect for summer events including Eid, Weddings, Graduations etc but it is quite slippery so you will need a few pins to keep it in place.

Pearl & Lace Hijab

The second Hijab I chose was the Pearl and Lace Hijab in Beige, which a really pretty pearl border and I thought would be great for every day, with the pearls adding a hint of some glam to my day to day life.

Hidden Pearls Pearl and Lace Hijab
Hidden Pearls Silk Plain Hijab in Gold

This scarf is surprisingly voluminous and great for chest coverage.

I thought the pearls may come out in the wash, but I put it in a wash bag before chucking it into the machine so it has survived intact so far Alhamdulillah!

The material is cotton, not viscose which means that it should keep you cool in the warmer months, but it kept me warm during the impromptu snowstorm while I took these pictures in February.


Although I was gifted these 2 Hijabs for review, I then went on to buy 6 more of my own accord when they had a flash sale and saved myself 10%.

I actually had an argument with the co-owner about this, as she wanted to gift them to me again for the review, but I explained to her that first of all, she’s running a business, not a charity.

Second, it’s important for bloggers ESPECIALLY to support small business with our own money if we like a product as it feels more like a genuine transaction.

I did the same thing after being gifted one of Nadia’s Hijabs for review and got my husband to buy me 2 more for my birthday!

Suffice to say, I’m so happy with my new purchases and I’m sure they’ll pop up now and again if I post outfit shots now the weather is starting to warm up Alhamdulillah.

With affordable prices and a HUGE variety of items, I would highly recommend you buy from Hidden Pearls or at least add it to your online Hijab Buying list.

I know I have.

Where do you buy your Hijabs from and are you happy with the quality?


Hidden Pearls Hijab Review - A review on Hidden Pearls Hijabs specifically the Silk Plain Hijab and the Pearl & Lace Hijab.

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  1. March 30, 2018 / 4:14 pm

    One of the reasons why I love coming back to read your posts is your honesty. Plus, I honestly admire how you support small businesses. May Allah reward you immensely for your generosity and kindness. Ameen.

    Has the weather gotten any warmer yet? How’s it going to be like in July? Can’t wait to meet you, insha’Allah <3

    PS: Love your photography!

    • Humaira
      March 30, 2018 / 4:50 pm

      Aw thanks Nadia! No, the weather is quite dull and rainy still, although we’re now expecting snow over the bank holiday weekend. The weather will be anything from dull, rainy and cold to blazing hot temperatures which are probably like a winter in Dubai to you! Can’t wait to meet you soon In Shaa Allah too!

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