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  1. Fozia S says

    It is definitely a good idea to have more than one bank account. Especially if the only one you have is a joint account with your partner.

    I have a few accounts with one simply for savings and that money cannot be touched unless a real emergency.

  2. Pervisha says

    Wow! Humaira, Assalamo Alaikum, and this is a good topic to use for discussion. I agree with you, but I feel this is normal. I mean I have always had this notion in mind alhamdulillah that the wife should have her own account, debit and credit card. If the husband says, use mine, you don’t need one, she should politely demand one. Plus, I would love to add another point. Islam gives you the right, in fact every woman, Muslim or Non Muslim, should discuss this prior marriage with her husband that what are his views and thoughts on having access to his bank accounts down the road, let’s say 2-3 years. Because God forbid, sudden death of her husband or anything can have her world turned upside down. Husbands who are mindful about this and farsighted, Alhamdulillah, share their bank details with the closest person to them, the wife. So that tomorrow she faces no trouble whatsoever when it comes to finances. Such trust should be there. I heard of a couple who have done this and it filled my heart with warmth and trust in Allah’s plans for people even more. Good people and good men do exist who understand the importance of marriage and honor their wives with ultimate trust. Alhamdulillahi Rabil Alameen.

    • Humaira says

      Walaikum Salaam Pervisha and I agree with all your points, I guess it truly depends on how much trust there is in a relationship to be so open and honest about the worldly thing of money. Thanks for sharing!