Business in the Spotlight – Nisha Davdra

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Business in the Spotlight – Nisha Davdra

In this series called Business In The Spotlight, we highlight Muslim owned or Muslim catering businesses who you may or may not know about and help you to understand the human story behind the brand.

Nisha Davdra is one of YouTube’s oldest Makeup Artists here in the UK.

Spanning a career over 10 years on YouTube and is a prominent Hair, Makeup and Henna artist.

Did you also know she sells jewellery on her website?

In this interview and review, we’ll get the low-down on the real Nisha Davdra, the heartaches, the despair and finally the triumphs. (Yeah, I’m making it more Bollywood than it is, but did you know Nisha has worked on movies including Cinderella and Aye Dil Hai Mushkil (and that too on Ranbir Kapoor?!)

Nisha Davdra Necklace


Nisha trained as a Hair and Makeup Artist and then started posting makeup tutorials on YouTube. I was a huge fan of hers from the beginning because she has a calm manner and she was teaching us skills that some of us didn’t know how to do.

From makeup to tikka setting, how to wear a sari to how to kit out your bridal trousseau.

Nisha is like the big sister some of us don’t have growing up in the UK because we don’t all live in big extended families, or we were marrying into an Asian family, so these skills are being lost.

Nisha makes videos to educate and inspire us to keep in touch with our South Asian routes.

She loves playing with colour, and this really comes through in her jewellery which is all bright, colourful and studded with jewels and Swarovski which is one of Nisha’s passions.

Nisha describes what she does as:

Beauty is that inner glow that gives confidence and a bounce in your step and hair. If you feel it, you exude it. Naturally, I pass this on through my hair and makeup work. I love watching a client grow with confidence as they watch their perceived flaws melt away behind the brush.

I’m reminded…and you’ll remember my client from a few years ago with heavy pigmentation which occurred in her later years. After her makeover, she was speechless and just cried. When she calmed down, she said she felt relief that she can be at her son’s wedding without feeling stress from how her looks have changed.

I truly live for moments like this and share my tips and know how to others who aren’t clients through YouTube tutorials.


Nisha says she always wanted to do Hair and Makeup but her family was not supportive.

When she got married, her husband Abdul told her to go for it, so she did.

I was good at makeup, beauty and style … on myself. A close family friend of mine insisted I do her makeup…based on how I always looked. I was blown away by how that made me feel. LIT is what kids say these days eh…?

Nisha did her first bride in 2004, and was hooked!

The rest, as they say, is history.


Nisha had some bumps in the road, as she had to wait until she was 26 and had 2 young children before she felt confident enough to start her career.

My parents did not allow me to do beauty and it was only after I’d worked with Sunny Andrea, Peter Andre’s sister in law, and attended their wedding… that my Dad finally felt that it was a good profession and he said he felt proud of me.   It makes me thankful to have a loving and supporting husband that elevates me in anything I want to do…..well mostly … whilst he takes on the roles of parenting and housekeeping! I love you Boo!

Starting out was easy as Nisha was starting out just as Facebook was getting popular. She’d booked onto a Professional Makeup course and was showcasing her pre-course work to Facebook users and gained bookings before the course even started.


What an achievement!

I honestly put my career start down to Facebook and the power of social media.  I wouldn’t say I was lucky, more than I had a resource that wasn’t utilised and owned it.

Social Media as we all know is super powerful and is very much a thread that’s common in all of my Business in the Spotlight features, but it’s good to know the power of Social Media when people are just starting out.


Nisha’s jewels are an extension of her personality.

Bright, vivid, colourful and so very Desi they transcend borders, languages and ethnicities within the South Asian diaspora. She also ships worldwide, with customers in Canada, America and beyond!

I love seeing what jewellery Nisha comes up with, and seeing how she and her customers style their Nisha Davdra Jewels on her Instagram.

She also has MANY tutorials on how to style her jewellery with Tikkas, Jhoomars and Pasas on her YouTube channel.

I’m so passionate about the jewellery I have in my webstore. I only have what I truly personally love. I design what I feel like creating and nothing more. I’m not influenced easily by fashion but more comfort, and wearability. My personality can be all over the can by my sense of style.

Someone close once said to me, ‘You express yourself through your outfits’ and has learned so much about me through them…you see I was once so shy and an introvert that I hardly spoke unless spoken to.   So my jewels are like that. Extravagant when I want to command attention, or stylish when I want to blend it and semi-precious when I want to ooze class and elegance..regal. There’s no right or wrong with me…it’s all or nothing!


I’ve got a few Nisha Davdra Jewels and I’m always super impressed with the quality.

They’re more traditional jewellery inspired by the South Asian Subcontinent, and as a proud Pakistani married to an Indian, you better believe I have to represent at events!

Nisha’s very much my go-to source for Asian Jewellery now, I find other places overcharge and under deliver.

All of Nisha’s pieces are unique, and once they’re sold out, they’re unlikely to come back, so you have to grab what you can when you can.

Nisha Davdra Necklace

This is the first set I bought from Nisha in a Black Friday sale in 2016, and I never got to wear it until last year when I went to a wedding.

I recently bought these beautiful earring sets in pink and blue from Nisha Davdra, as she has a 60% off sale on.

The great thing about these earrings is that they have a secret pattern on the back rather than a plain one so even the back of your head will be ridiculous looking! (Watch this MADTV segment to get that joke.)

Nisha Davdra Earrings Pink
Nisha Davdra Blue Earrings Close Up
Nisha Davdra Blue Earrings Close Up

The blue ones are still available if you wish to buy here and on 60% sale when you sign up to her mailing list.

They are also in dark blue and green at the time of writing.


Nisha’s prices cover a range but with the 60% off on most pieces at the moment, you’re sure to grab yourself a bargain.


Nisha is an accomplished hair, beauty and henna artist as well as an acute businesswoman with an excellent sense of style.

Her jewellery is very much like her personality, warm, bright and the pieces are ones to treasure for a long time so yes you should buy!

Nisha is also available for Hair/Makeup and Henna bookings and is available to travel nationally and internationally (obvs you have to pay for her to come to you, although she won’t mind if you want to fly her out, and pay for travel and accommodation somewhere special to get your makeup and hair done for your big day!)

Nisha is also a beauty blogger and frequently posts beauty reviews, hauls and tutorials on her YouTube channel and writes reviews on her blog.


To get 60% off on Nisha Davdra Jewels, please subscribe to her mailing list to get sent the discount code which is not available on any other social media.

Pieces are running out fast and once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Would you try Nisha Davdra Jewels?


Business in the Spotlight - Nisha Davdra - An interview with Nisha Davdra, a prominent hair and makeup artist in the UK and a review of Nisha Davdra Jewels.

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  1. May 28, 2018 / 7:05 pm

    Humaira!! Thank you for such a wonderful interview. Your professional spotlight on me was a joy to read and I’m so happy you enjoy your jewels! ?

    • Humaira
      May 29, 2018 / 10:55 am

      Thanks Nisha, it was an absolute pleasure getting to know more about you!

  2. May 29, 2018 / 11:16 am

    The jewelry pieces are exquisite! And Nisha’s story is so inspiring. Thank you for sharing this, Humaira.

    I find myself looking forward to your business spotlight posts.

    Oh, and I love the table of contents!

    • Humaira
      May 29, 2018 / 11:17 am

      Thank you Nadia! I always look forward to your thoughtful comments on my posts :). And yes, it’s a new plugin I’m trying out!

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