Reader Interactions


  1. Fozia S says

    I saw that on twitter where a fellow Asian was attacking him for it and it disgusted me. In this desperate need of ‘fitting in’ it appears shameful to wear our traditional dress.

    The only time I have worn ‘western’ clothes is at uni…even though I’m born and raised in the Uk I wear shalwar kameez. I’ve even had friends say I’m backward for not wearing jeans etc. Im proud of my heritage and I’d rather be seen as backward or uneducated than forget it all.

    • Humaira says

      Wow, that’s so mean that a “friend” thought you were backward for wearing traditional clothes! I thought you looked lovely when we met and I wish I could as well but A) I get cold way too easily and B) I’d need like 50 million outfits because I’m so clumsy haha! But you’re smart and incredibly articulate Mashallah so really does your clothing matter that much? I don’t think so!