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  1. Britpakgirk says

    Interesting post! I just don’t know where the blogging world and Instagram is heading…what annoys me a lot is when Instagram influencers call themselves bloggers. No one cares about this except us bloggers because only we know how much effort it is to keep and maintain a blog!

    • Humaira says

      Yes! I know we’ve had a lot of debate on this topic but at the end of the day, anyone with a social media profile can suddenly call themselves a Blogger!

  2. Fozia S says

    I think the lady who called them detestable freeloaders was a bit harsh. If people are making money and it is their source of income then good on them….BUT they should be honest about it! I can’t say I get caught out and influenced by the skincare things but I almost got caught out by the cleaning craze that happened recently and one thing I might get influenced to buy is kids books. But yes there are people out there that blindly buy stuff that people are mentioning (and sometimes don’t even declare they have been sent it) and I personally find it worrying that people can get sucked in that much and potentially spend money they don’t have. Good on you for stopping it and taking a stand

    • Humaira says

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read the post and then comment, I think it triggered a lot of people but I also feel this is an important issue to discuss and disclosure is important.

  3. Shaziya Fayas says

    I too wanted to write about this. So yes just like the many new types of jobs out there- influencer is a lucrative job! They are paid for their endorsement of products, places, etc etc. so like celebrities these individuals are social media celebrities with loads of followers.

    Unconsciously we too tend to follow like a few posts at the beginning and then join the bandwagon of followers. For me this led to a lost of discontentment.
    I agree sis. Humaira. Discontentment with our places of abode, with our possessions, with our skin,hair,attire. This unconscious, unintentional need to buy that new release, to try that product, that simply must have style of maxi dress and three tiered cupcake storage box! ( just to give a few examples) . I found that I too was longing for that which I didn’t have and hated this discontent that I was feeling. It was making me feel so ungrateful and so inadequate. Naoodhubillah.
    . Alhamdulillah I realized and as of last week I’ve unfollowed all influencers, online sellers, on Facebook and Instagram.
    May Allah guide us all! ❤️

    • Humaira says

      Alhamdulillah and Mabrook for doing this, it brings so much contentment and peace to the heart without the constant noise. I’ve had a big lesson really in checking my intentions and knowing who to follow on social media and how they influence me, it really helps to keep the noise down online.