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Simply Humaira Looking Straight On

I’m Humaira Ahmad a 30-something living in London.

I’m a Blogger, Writer and Instagrammer with a penchant for sharing snippets of my life on Instagram stories.

I’m a serial blogger, having taught myself to code HTML in my teens in 1999 and starting to blog in the 2000s with my angsty LiveJournal blogs.

I’ve been on every platform going and have had many, many names, but I’m hoping this is the final one. You might have stumbled across me from Money Savvy Muslim my last blog which is now Simply Humaira.

Simply Humaira is part Personal Journal to document my thoughts, feelings and opinions about a variety of topics and part Lifestyle Blog with articles ranging from Money, Beauty, Fashion, Travel and more.

I’m a Cruelty Free Blogger and a former Makeup Artist. I focus on Organic Luxury Skincare, minimising my makeup collection to only keep the products I love and work best for me, but also share those which don’t in a fair and honest way for women of colour.

I’m also a Stroke Survivor and work for and with The Stroke Association which is a cause close to my heart.

I’m a wife and live with my wonderful husband who runs Pukka Halal our food blog which is now just an Instagram, Facebook and YouTube page to share our food adventures.

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions please email me at hello @ simplyhumaira . com


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