5 Asateer Scarves Honestly Styled and Reviewed

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5 Asateer Scarves Honestly Styled and Reviewed

When buying a premium Hijab especially from a new company, I want to know how they wash, what’s the fabric like, is it actually worth the cost and will I use them more than once?

I’ll answer all these questions for you with my collection of Asateer Scarves.

Asateer Scarves is a premium Hijab company based in Dubai founded and run by my dear friend Nadia Masood.

A family-run business, Asateer Scarves was my first ever Business in the Spotlight.

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Since they started in October 2017, I have slowly amassed a collection of Asateer Scarves Hijabs and I wanted to share my honest review having bought and used them for nearly a year now.


Asateer Scarves Pink Garden Hijab

This Hijab is a Satin Silk Hijab with a beautiful pink flower print. This particular Hijab was gifted to me for review from Nadia in October, and it’s only one of 2 in my collection that is gifted, the other one is sold out, and no longer available and a private gift, which is why I didn’t include it in this post or the accompanying video on IG TV.


I washed this by hand initially a LOT when I first got it, but by some point, I got tired and realised I wasn’t wearing it, so started washing it very gently in the machine on a delicate cycle and it seems to be OK.

I personally would continue washing it by hand but I’m lazy and I don’t wear it that often because it is super slippery and I need to wear an under scarf with it and use a few pins to keep it in place.


The material is quite stiff and when pinned down with the larger Hijab pins doesn’t move, but I would advise you to have a lot of pins to hold it down as it is silk, it does move around.

All of Nadia’s Hijabs are full length for front and back coverage.

What I think of it

It just makes me feel so feminine and girly. It’s a silk scarf with a huge amount of coverage and when properly pinned, it does not move, plus it looks so elegant Mashallah!

Price and Availability

Currently, this Hijab is out of stock, and unavailable as all of Asateer Scarves stock is limited edition.

This is why if you like a scarf in the collection you have to buy it, as once it’s out of stock they don’t come back in.


Asateer Scarves Mango

The Mango Asateer Hijab is a true Mango colour, like proper Pakistani/Indian Mangoes when they’re just the right side of ripe.

My husband gifted me this and the Strawberry one for my Birthday last year.

This was a brave colour choice for me as I run away from this kind of colours, but surprisingly the colour is really flattering on my skin tone.


Again I would advise washing this by hand for longevity, and I have noticed since washing in the in the machine, the quality has slightly deteriorated.


This is quite a stiff and thick cotton fabric, and it is difficult to try and create folds and style it.

The folds can be a bit neater if pinned properly but I also found the fabric difficult to pin the first place as it’s quite stiff and you would need bigger Hijab pins to pin in place.

What I think of it

I love the colour so much, it’s so flattering, but I’d prefer this in a lighter fabric because I tend to get hot really easily when it’s wrapped around.

If you wore it in a simple style without any real styling, literally tossed over the shoulder, this is an effortless Hijab to add some colour to an outfit.

Price and Availability

The Mango Hijab retails for £21 from Asateer Scarves.

Strawberry Hijab

Asateer Scarves Strawberry

The Strawberry Hijab looks pinker on the website, but it’s actually an orangey-red shade in real life.

It is a wonderful georgette fabric, with generous coverage and the ability to be styled beautifully.

This was a gift from my husband for my birthday last year.


Ideally like I keep saying wash by hand, but on a very gentle cycle in the machine this Hijab does fine.


This Hijab can be tricky as the fabric is a little slippery, but if you pin as you go along, it’s so easy to create beautiful folded style and drapes.

I don’t wear this Hijab often enough because it’s very bright and colourful, but whenever I do wear it, it’s a joy to wear and style Alhamdulillah.

In the picture above, I’ve styled it with a custom headpiece from Cerise Blossoms which was gifted to me by Uzmah Hijab Stylist on her 1 Day Hijab Styling Masterclass in London in 2017.

What I think of it

I LOVE this Hijab! Out of the whole collection I own, this is my favourite!

It’s so effortless and easy to drape and style, and it’s a beautiful bold Hijab.

Price and Availability

The Strawberry Hijab retails for £21 from Asateer Scarves.

Black and Gold Hijab

Asateer Scarves Black and Gold

The Black and Gold Hijab is a multi-toned Hijab which I normally wouldn’t ever wear but it was so beautiful and different from anything I’d seen, I was tempted to buy it, especially as it was free delivery before Ramadan!

This is a lovely light cotton and it’s perfect for summer.


This is super easy to wash in the machine, but since it’s so delicate, I would put in a wash bag first and keep away from other clothes.


You can style this in so many different ways and basically get a new Hijab every time.

In the video on IG TV, I show you 2 different ways to style this Hijab but there are so many ways to style it.

What I think of it

I like it but I don’t wear it often enough because it’s quite a bold scarf and truth be told I’m kind of scared!

I bought it because it reminds me that in life we need to be bold and take risks, and hopefully one day you’ll see me rocking it more often In Shaa Allah!

Cinnamon Garden

Asateer Scarves Cinnamon Garden

The Cinnamon Garden Hijab was a limited edition Hijab that sold super quickly and therefore is no longer available.


I haven’t yet washed this Hijab as I haven’t really worn it as yet.


This Hijab is really easy to style.

It’s a beautiful printed Chiffon and the flowers are absolutely stunning Mashallah and bring a brown scarf up to date.

What I think of it

I really like it but haven’t had an opportunity to wear it yet because of the extreme heat means I’m not really going anywhere but even just trying it on and playing with it, I know this will be a firm favourite In Shaa Allah.

Price and Availability

This Hijab is now no longer available.

Styling Video

To access to Styling video, you must be a follower on my Instagram account and then go over to the IG TV link at the top of your own profile, and then you will be able to see how I styled each of these beautiful Hijabs.

I hope you enjoyed this detailed review of my Asateer Hijab collection.

I’m always impressed with the colours, styles and fabrics that Asateer Scarves come out with every collection.

Have you ever tried Asateer Scarves?


5 Asateer Scarves Honestly Styled and Reviewed - 5 different Asateer Scarves including Pink garden, Strawberry, Mango, Black and Gold and Cinnamon Garden reviewed.

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  1. August 20, 2018 / 7:00 pm

    Another honest and well-written review from you! Jazak’Allah khair for putting so much effort in writing this post as well as making the video. I absolutely LOVE the way you review and promote products. Thank you SO SO much xoxo

    • Humaira
      August 20, 2018 / 8:03 pm

      Jazakallah Khair! I think this is now my true style of writing finally coming through and it’s amazing because Alhamdulillah I’m writing more honest posts from the heart now and blogging is finally enjoyable again!

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