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  1. Laura Dove says

    Great tips! Taking everything into account is so important! I didn’t budget for our baggage and then realised it was way more than I first thought!

    • Humaira says

      Thanks for sharing Laura! Isn’t it always the way? I always say I’m not going to buy much and end up coming away with more than I thought! Oops!

  2. nadia says

    Those are really good tips, specially ebookers. I haven’t heard about it before. Thank you.

    Things that I like to do to save money include booking hotels that include free breakfast, and try to book flights in advance and compare fare rates online (using Expedia, for example) or check a website called Secret Flying to see if there’s a good deal.

    • Humaira says

      Yes, me neither, but I’ll check it out next time we book a holiday In Shaa Allah!

      The free breakfast is the best tip, we spent countless hours trying to find breakfast and it’s not worth it! But one time, we missed breakfast because we slept in! Which website is that Secret Flying one, please? Do share!

    • Humaira says

      That is a great point Bella and Dawn! I know I underestimate how to budget for outgoings whilst on holiday, do you have any tips for researching before you go?

  3. Laura says

    We travel a fair amount and I am all about shopping around for the best deal – this really can save you so much money!

    Laura x

  4. What Mum Loves says

    Never heard of ebookers before, I think i have been living under a rock! I absolutely agree with you that it’s better to start buying stuff much earlier, take advantage of sales and offers. I am a bit of Monica geller so I have thousands of to do and what to buy lists, they help a lot! ?

  5. Madiha says

    Always feel like I need a holiday when life feels like it’s getting a bit too much, and the price always puts me down! Shopping around is definitely key! I also found out about halalbookings recently, which is a HUGE game changer for me

    • Humaira Money Savvy Muslim says

      Yes! Always feel like I need a holiday, but maybe I should blog about what to do to have a ‘holiday’ when you’re overwhelmed and need to get away but can’t thanks for the inspiration!

      Halal Bookings is amazing! I met the founder a couple of years ago and she’s very switched on Mashallah!